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Your MacBook does not start?

Your Mac does not start?Sometimes, taking it to Apple to get repaired will cost more than the laptop itself.

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You Need an OSX Update?

After some time your working framework can begin to end up plainly languid and lethargic, this can be caused by a bunch of things and our specialists are talented at pinpointing where the issue lies and can analyze these sorts of blame for nothing out of pocket for you and regardless of the possibility that our cost isn’t what you expected you, we can essentially send it back to you without any charges to pay – connect today and take us up on our free offer

Macbook Benchmark and Reviews

1- Macbook Touchbar:

MacBook Pro  2016: Touchbar (Phy Electronics Review )

The new MacBook Pro was propelled in 13-and 15-inch screen sizes and highlighted 6th Gen Intel Skylake processors, a thin new plan and a cool customizable Touch Bar over the console. It additionally cost somewhat of a fortune.

Our MacBook Pro 2016 survey assesses the machine’s looks, outline, components and performance.

Extensively talking there are three models of the new MacBook Pro: a relatively spending plan centered 13-inch show without the new Touch Bar, and a 13-inch and 15-inch demonstrate with it. This survey takes a gander at all three models together, however, we will make it clear when remarks apply just to specific models.

Used MacBook Pro with Touchbar:

The MacBook Pros are more slender and lighter than the past era: the 13-and 15-inch models are 14.9mm and 15.5mm thick (or ‘thin’, as Apple irritatingly styles it in showcasing materials) and 1.37kg and 1.83kg individually. (A year ago’s MBPs weighed 1.58kg and 2.04kg, and were both 18mm thick, so Apple has accomplished decreases of 17 and 14 percent individually in thickness, and 13 and 10 percent as far as weight.)

Size and dimensions of the MacBook Pro with touch bar

  • 30.41cm x 21.24cm x 1.49cm; 1.37kg (13-inch models)

  • 34.93cm x 24.07cm x 1.55cm; 1.83kg (15-inch models)

One more thing before we proceed onward: obviously, No USB ports on the MacBook Pro and  No MagSafe charging port.and supplanted them all with USB-C/Thunderbolt ports: four of them on the Touch Bar models and two on the 13-inch display without a Touch Bar. What’s more, you get a 3.5mm earphone jack as well: phew!

They have been replaced with USB-C/Thunderbolt ports: four of them on the Touch Bar models and two on the 13-inch display without a Touch Bar. What’s more, you get a 3.5mm earphone jack as well: These components will be missed by the Mac lovers!