Samsung s8 : The latest Samsung addition

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January 27, 2016
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The latest iphone 8
September 19, 2017

Samsung s8 : The latest Samsung addition

Samsung s8

Looking for a new phone? Why not get the best one? Samsung s8

New phones are coming out on the market so fast, each one being more innovative than the others. And Samsung with the Samsung s8 took it to the next level with its new device. While some decided to take a major feature out for no reason (like Apple did with the removal of the jack plug on the iPhone 7), Samsung thought of everything. Indeed, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t have a have a home button. Well, it’s still here, but under the screen. That way, the front of the phone is just a screen, smooth glass screen. And just like the front, the back is also sleek, with a flat surface rear camera for a better grip.

What is the difference?

If you’re still hesitating on whether or not you should buy a Samsung Galaxy S8, let us tell you more about it. First of all, you will never get enough of that bigger screen. And that is mostly because you will be able to do everything at once. Yes, that is a feature we were all waiting for, and Samsung finally made it. Texting while watching a video is now possible on the Samsung Galaxy S8. And that’s not all. Apparently, Samsung was on a roll and decided to give their newest phone an 8MP front camera and a 12MP rear camera. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also comes in two sizes, 5,8’’ and 6,2’’, and two colors, Midnight Black and Grey Orchid.

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